VMU Agricultural Academy
in 2025 March 27-29
the international agricultural exhibition "Ką pasėsi... 2025" will be held

In 2025 March 27-29 VMU AA Center for Business and Social Partnership traditionally organizes the international agricultural exhibition "Ką pasėsi... 2025".
The exhibition "Ką pasėsi..." is the largest exhibition of agro-sector innovations in the Baltic States. The area covered by the exhibition is more than 10 hectares, and about 300 companies and organizations from Lithuania and abroad and about 200 small craftsmen, gardeners, national heritage nurturers usually participate in it.

The themes of the exhibition:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • crop processing and storage equipment;
  • seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers;
  • products and equipment for livestock and poultry farming and aquaculture;
  • forestry and municipal machinery;
  • construction, water management, heat management and pest prevention;
  • gardening equipment;
  • spare parts, tires, lubricants, tanks, tools, work clothes;
  • digital technologies for agriculture;
  • agricultural science, consulting services, specialized publications;
  • insurance and other financial services for agriculture;
  • SUVs and special vehicles for agriculture.


Past events: „Ką pasėsi... 2024“, „Ką pasėsi... 2023“, „Ką pasėsi... 2022“, „Ką pasėsi... 2021"




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